Speur-Ghlan is Gaelic for blue skies and is indicative of hope and aspiration for the future. There are two ways to say blue skies in Gaelic and ‘speur ghlan’ translates as ‘clear sky’/cloudless heavens’. Metaphorically cloudless skies are a clear sign of hope, particularly in Scotland! The idea of ‘blue skies’ also brings in the idea of future thinking, clarity of approach and hope that all children will achieve their full potential.

We are an innovative and unique service providing individualised programmes of therapy to young children experiencing developmental delays, including (but not exclusively) autism spectrum disorders. We use well researched and effective therapy approaches including Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT) which is one of the most well researched of all autism interventions to date.

Children do not need a diagnosis to access our services and we are happy to help any child experiencing any delay.Please contact us for further details.


*****STOP PRESS****

In 2015 Speur Ghlan will be launching the ‘Don’t RIGHT Me Off’ Campaign asking the Scottish Government to recognise and act on the RIGHTS of all children aged 0-5 to be provided with intensive early intervention using the latest evidence based approaches. Please watch and share our Christmas 2014 video which is the launch of the ‘Don’t RIGHT Me Off’ concept…and WATCH THIS SPACE!!! It’s about RIGHTS…and Scotland- it’s about time.



speur ghlan christmas 2014 final.wmv from Speur-Ghlan on Vimeo.